Master Tattoo Institute Cosmetic Kit

Master Tattoo Institute Cosmetic Kit


Unlock your full potential in cosmetic tattoo artistry with the Master Tattoo Institute Cosmetic Kit. This comprehensive set includes everything you need to perfect your skills and deliver stunning results. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding artist, our kit equips you with high-quality tools and supplies designed for precision and excellence. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Eyebrow Liner Pencils: Includes one white and one brown pencil for precise eyebrow mapping and definition.
  • Electric Ink Mixer: Ensures smooth, consistent ink blends for flawless application.
  • White Gel Pen: Ideal for detailed markings and corrections.
  • Microblading Tool: A durable tool for creating fine, hair-like strokes.
  • Microblading Blades: Assorted sizes to suit different techniques and skin types.
  • Ink Collection: Includes brown, black, red, and skin-tone inks for versatile color matching.
  • Practice Skin: Various types to simulate real skin for practice.
  • Disposable Microblading Tool: Hygienic and convenient for single use.
  • Razor Blade: For precise shaping and trimming.
  • Caliper: Ensures symmetrical and accurate measurements for brow shaping.
  • Eyebrow Mapping Line: Helps in creating perfect eyebrow outlines.
  • Eyebrow Plastic Wrap (Mini): Keeps mapped areas secure and clean.
  • Pencil Eraser: Easily corrects mapping errors.
  • Mechanical Pencil Pen: For detailed sketches and designs.
  • Eyebrow Ruler Sticker: Aids in accurate and even eyebrow measurement.
  • PMU Machine: Professional permanent makeup machine for detailed work.
  • Assorted Needles: Various types for different techniques.
  • 3D Areola Tattoo Skin Model: Practice realistic areola tattooing.
  • Mannequin Head: Ideal for practicing facial tattoos and makeup techniques.
  • Tattoo Machine: Reliable and versatile for various tattoo styles.
  • Tattoo Mix Cartridges: For convenient and consistent ink usage.
  • Power Supply: Ensures a stable power source for your machines.
  • Ink Caps: Small cups for holding and organizing ink.
  • Black Ink: High-quality pigment for bold, lasting tattoos.
  • Grip Tape: Provides extra grip and comfort for your tattoo machine.
  • Masking Tape: Useful for securing stencil paper and other materials.
  • Baby Oil: For post-tattoo care and cleaning.
  • Dental Bibs: Keeps your workspace clean and professional.
  • Clip Cord Sleeve Cover: Protects clip cords from contamination.
  • Machine Stencil Stuff: Helps transfer stencils accurately.
  • Stencil Paper: For creating and transferring tattoo designs.
  • Gloves: Ensures hygiene and safety during procedures.

Equip yourself with the Master Tattoo Institute Cosmetic Kit and master the art of cosmetic tattooing with confidence and precision.

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