Biohazard Bin 1L

Biohazard Bin 1L


  • SAFE SHARPS DISPOSAL – A sharps container is a medical storage box for collecting, storing, and disposing of used sharp medical supplies such as syringes, lancets, catheters, needles, blades, etc.
  • SPLIT LID DESIGN – Designed with a unique split lid that is leak-proof and can be permanently locked. This protects you from accidental exposure to the used sharps. The lid is also translucent, which helps to prevent overfilling.
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT PLASTIC – The containers are made with sturdy plastic that is puncture resistant, so you can rest assured that used sharps are safe and secure anywhere you go.
  • PORTABLE – Large enough to accommodate used sharps like syringes or lancets, yet lightweight and compact enough to fit in travel bag, carry-on or backpack for on-the-go disposal.
  • DISPOSE WHEN FULL – This sharps container is intended to be discarded once filled. When the full level is reached as indicated on the label, close and lock the lid and dispose of the container. This can prevent any accidents that might result in serious injuries.

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