Bag of 100 Premium O-Rings

Bag of 100 Premium O-Rings


Bag of 100 Tattoo Machine Spring O-Rings

Tattoo O-Rings are an important item to have on hand in every shop. They are used to minimize the vibration of the machine and give it a smoother run. The O-Ring functions best when it is placed tightly under the spring and pulled back over the cap screw. An O-Ring can break at anytime, so make sure to have some stocked at your station.  Make your clients happy with your machine running smoothly and reduced vibration and noise! Check out the tattoo machine parts section of the site to get all your small parts.



  • Quantity: 1 bag of 10 O-rings
  • Diameter: 11mm
  • Material: rubber
  • Smoother run for machine
  • Reduce vibration and noise
  • Make clients happy

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