ABS Material Made Premium Thermal Fax Stencil Machine

ABS Material Made Premium Thermal Fax Stencil Machine


Product – Thermal Fax Printer
Brand – Blacksmith Tattoo Company®

This product was designed for tattoo artist in mind, create flawless stencils at the touch of a button!.

1.Made of ABS material, which is environmental, safe and durable for long term use. 2.There are 5 buttons/ keys for different functions, you can choose the copy methods, resolutions, deepness etc, which is very convenient and functional. 3.Two light indicators, power light shows when the machine starts working, error light shows something wrong happened on the machine, such as the TPH is overheating. 4.Unique design of the transfer paper cover is easy to open and close, which can keep the paper in order fop better copy. 5.Works for the normal paper design, providing fast transfer speed, little noisy sound. More important, it won’t be overheat easily. 6.This copier is created specifically for the tattoo artist. Unlike other copier machines, you won’t have to bother with messy light bulbs or belts that often need to be replaced.

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