About Us

About Us

Inspired by Viking Ideology, their craftsmanship, and skills at sea, the Blacksmith Tattoo Company prides itself on delivering super equipment for the professional artist. Established in 1974, they’ve become a premium supplier in tattoo- and piercing-related equipment and supplies.

About a thousand years ago, Vikings sailed across the sea. They discovered new lands, established new territories,  provided for their families, and left their mark in history. The Viking symbols and ruins have been found throughout Europe and other parts of the world. They were known as the best at sea. This is Blacksmith Tattoo Company to the tattoo industry. Known throughout as the best in the industry.

The importance of record-keeping has become such; people record events of their life on their body. Each marking is a symbol of a moment. Some of these symbols may be a prayer asking for protection. Vikings would often use symbols for the same reason, such as the use of Odin’s spear Gungnir. A symbol of protection, authority, and power.

Tattoos are as symbolic to people today as old Norse clans. Within every symbol is a story. These stories tell a tale of life, death, triumph, defeat, loss, gain, and more. They are personal tales of a physical, mental, and spiritual nature. Blacksmith Tattoo Company wants to help you tell these stories by supplying you with the best tattoo ink. When people look for “tattoo shops near me,” let them know you work with Blacksmith Tattoo Company equipment.

In Norse history, and most of the world at that time, the blacksmith was a valuable part of their community. As the clans would need tools to build, farm, and fight, they came to rely on the blacksmith. It was the superior blacksmiths that provided Thor with Mjollnir to help defend Asgard. Blacksmith Tattoo Company is to tattoo artists what blacksmiths of the old world were to the very survival of clans.

Blacksmith Tattoo Company carries a premium supply of tattooing equipment for every tattoo professional. If you’re looking for tattoo ink, cartridge needles, rotary machines, grip tape, and more, it can be found at Blacksmith Tattoo company.

There’s no need to set out around the world to find the best supplies in tattoos. Blacksmith Tattoo Company is the Asgard of the tattooing world.

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